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Who we are (referred to hereinafter as “”, “We”, "Us", “Website”, "the site") is a website made for the distribution of study guides & workbooks for Lab4ccie ( It is not affiliated in any way with the creators / administrators of the Cisco/Other Vendors platform.

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The website can be used by any individual and does not require registration. However, user experience is improved by having a registered account. A registered user has several advantages, including but not limited to: 

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Use to search and download the desired product. 

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Available products publishes workbooks developed, designed and published by their own experts (alternatively called 'products') specifically designed for lab4ccie. 

The products are developed by the team, and may or may not contain all the functionality described in the documentation. Should you need such functionality implemented for your needs, plese don't hesitate to contact us.

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Given these partnerships, we may recommend products and services provided by our partners. does not offer any kind of warranty to the recommended products and services, and will not be liable to you for damages caused by the use of products and/or services provided by any of our partners. 

No warranties

The products are provided on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND. We will not be liable to you for damages caused by the use of any product listed on this Website. Our product experts tested all products and new updates shall be distributed on client area whenever necessary in membership period free of cost. A full renewable charges must be applied once membership expired or any discounted offer by sales team. All Products are nonrefundable nontransferable, once purchase for any dispute please contact us through website contact information page.

Please don't hesitate to contact us in order to settle such matters.


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Should you find that the product is not suitable for you, please contact us to discuss a refund.

The conditions of a refund are: 

  • No refund are available on discounted, sales, promotional products.
  • The refund request should not come later than one weeks (7 days) since the Product was ordered. We consider that 7 days is enough time for a customerr to test the product's functionality & determine if it is suitable for them or not. 
  • We will not refund the total order amount, since Merchant takes a fee for each transaction. As an example, for an order of 100 USD, the maximum refund amount is 88.76 USD (Merchant fee is 8.9% Charges)
  • If your account is not using the USD currency please note that the final refunded amount, converted in your currency, may be different on the day of the refund, than on the day of the payment, because of exchange rate fluctuations.

Third party software

The product may use third party software which represent client libraries (.dlls) that are used for message exchanges with the payment gateways' API. This document does not apply to third party software. We will not be liable to you for damages caused by the use of the third party software delivered with the plugins. 

Use of the products

The downloaded products may only be used by you in your exam practice permeation(s). Product is limited to one user license and only valid for single use any distribution or reproduction shall be prohibit. 

You are not allowed to sell, publish or modify the products yourself.  

Information on the site

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Use of information on this site

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Owner of a copyrighted work

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The website may impose restrictions on your IP address, provided that spam of any kind is detected originating from that IP address. 

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